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“Delicacies from the sea” have always been a major source of food in the Mediterranean.  Our unique Mediterranean blend for seafood is consistent with the philosophy of developing  distinctive, flavorful spice blends that don’t overpower the natural flavor and texture of your seafood.  Whether it’s salmon, sea bass, shrimp, scallops or crab, SpicyGreek® Seafood Blend brings a whole new flavor experience to any type of seafood dish.

SpicyGreek Seafood Blend, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Seasonings of Salonica Seafood Spice
  1. I blended two of your blends and it came out great! I made seafood skewers for the BBQ grill. I used shrimp/scallops/chucks of cod/onions/peppers/zucchini/cherry tomatoes. When I put the skewers together I brushed with olive oil. Since I had equal amounts of seafood and vegetables I wasn’t sure which flavor to use so I used both and the results were incredible. PS: cut the vegetables in thin slices so that they cook evenly with the seafood which cooks up very quickly

  2. I use your Salonica Seafood mix on my baked fish and the flavor is as good as a restaurant. I buy the cheap frozen fish fillets and add your seasoning. I love it!

  3. Dear Spicy Greek, Thanks for the jewelry—let me explain. My husband called me at 3:00 last Tuesday to tell me that he invited his new boss (from out of town) over for Dinner. After an appropriate amount of butt-chewing from me (followed by the ever popular silent treatment) I left work early and ran to the store to try to find something to make. Salmon was on sale and I purchased 3 nice fillets and a bottle of your Seafood Blend. Luckily, the deli case had all the side dishes that I needed. I had no time so all I did was splash lemon juice on the salmon and then sprinkle a generous amount of your seafood blend on each side of the salmon and placed them on the grill. I added a pat of butter on top and closed the lid to the grill. The fillets were done within 10 minutes and OMG, they were awesome. My husband’s boss remarked that he has eaten salmon in fancy restaurants from coast to coast and mine was the best salmon he has ever had. Long story short: My husband got praise from his boss, his boss got a great meal, and I got a new bracelet and matching ear rings from my forgiven husband. Thanks a million SpicyGreek.”
    Nancy Hertel, Columbus, Ohio

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Your seafood experience will never be the same after you add some “OPA” to it! Our Seasonings Of Salonica® Seafood Blend is great on all types of seafood….

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Your seafood experience will never be the same after you add some “OPA” to it! Our SpicyGreek® Seafood Blend is great on all types of seafood. Squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice on your fillets, drizzle with quality olive oil, sprinkle SpicyGreek® Seafood Blend on both sides, then bake, grill or fry until tender and flaky.



SpicyGreek Seafood Blend, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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