SpicyGreek Poultry Blend


The Greeks know how to make heavenly chicken. The fresh lemon juice in the marinade makes the chicken moist, and the ten ingredients in our SpicyGreek® Poultry Blend give it an incredible flavor!

In keeping with our philosophy of developing  distinctive, flavorful spice blends that don’t overpower your food, our unique Mediterranean blend for poultry is versatile for all your cooking needs.  Whether on the grill, in the oven or pan cooking,  SpicyGreek® Poultry Blend brings a whole new flavor experience to chicken, turkey, Cornish hen and duck. It delivers an exciting flavor experience for a memorable meal every time.

Seasonings of Salonica Poultry Spice
  1. “Dear S.G., your chicken seasoning from Salonica has inspired me to invent a new recipe. I call it “Grilled Greek Chicken”. On the outside grill I place boneless-skinless chicken breast that have been sprinkled on both sides with your chicken seasoning. When the chicken is almost done I add on top some sautéed onions and peppers that were seasoned with your vegetable blend. Then I add crumbled pieces and feta cheese and let the cheese get warm and soft. You need to try this dish. It is easy and fast.”

  2. Try sprinkling your vegetable seasoning on homemade French fries. When the fries are draining you should sprinkle on top and let cool. They are awesome! I don’t even use ketchup when I do fries this way. Trust me, you need to try it to believe it.”
    T. Clarkston, Kentucky

  3. I have one of those home rotisseries that I use for chicken. I use your Chicken blend on whole chickens and the flavor is to die for. I love your seasoning. It is the perfect blend.
    G. Smith, Ohio

  4. My famous oven fried chicken recipe has now been retired. For years my family has bragged about my fried chicken. All I would do is rinse my chicken pieces and then dust them in plain flour. After that I would dunk them in a bowl that had whipped eggs. I let the excess drain and then put the pieces into another bowl with flour that was seasoned with salt and pepper. I then lightly fried each side of the chicken pieces until they were golden brown. That takes only a few minutes but the chicken is still raw inside. After that I would bake the chicken at 350 for about 45 minutes. Anyhow, I used the Seasonings from Salonica chicken favor in my second flour mix and it was incredible how well it turned out. My family has begged me to make it this way in the future. Kathy Sienicki

Mediterranean Chicken

Posted March 8, 2011 by admin
This recipe will make your chicken burst with flavor and is sure to impress your guests! Combine chicken with olive oil, lemon juice and enough Seasonings Of Salonica® Poultry Blend to coat chicken …

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This recipe will make your chicken burst with flavor and is sure to impress your guests! Combine chicken with olive oil, lemon juice and enough SpicyGreek® Poultry Blend to coat chicken well in a zip lock bag. Mix thoroughly and let the chicken marinate for a couple of hours or overnight, then bake or grill. For whole chicken, turkey and Cornish game hens, rub the entire bird with olive oil, coat with SpicyGreek® Poutry Blend (sprinkle some inside too)….your bird will be golden brown and bursting with flavor.

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