SpicyGreek Meat Blend


You won’t believe how good your burgers will taste! Our unique Mediterranean blend for meat is consistent with our philosophy of developing distinctive, flavorful spice blends that don’t overpower the natural flavor of your food.  Whether you’re cooking beef, pork, lamb or veal, SpicyGreek® Meat Blend delivers an exciting  flavor experience for a memorable meal.

Seasonings of Salonica Meat Spice
  1. I did exactly what you suggested for steak with your meat seasoning. My steak was incredible. The beauty of it is that I could only afford a cheap cut of steak. I marinated it as you recommended on your website and then I cooked the steak slowly. Much to my amazement, the steak was tender and full of flavor. I’ll be eating a lot more steak in the future.”

  2. Holy Cow! My award winning baby-back rib recipe has now been taken up a notch or two. I can’t wait until this year’s rib-off contest. I won’t give out my whole recipe but I will say that I put the meat seasoning from Salonica on my raw ribs and slow roasted them in the oven for several hours. When I threw the ribs on the grill I added my own BBQ sauce (you ain’t getting that recipe but it also now has some of your seasoning). Anyhow, my ribs are now worthy for bigger and better rib cook-offs
    PKC from the great state of Arkansas

  3. My Potato salad is no longer boring. Usually I make a “Plain-Jane” potato salad. You know, potatoes, celery, eggs, onions, mayo, S&P, a dab of mustard and then mix it all up. Now I use your Seasonings from Salonica. Don’t laugh, but this is what I do: I use the meat seasoning as the only spices that I use. I know it sounds weird but you need to try it. I will never make boring potato salad again.”

  4. Last night I tried your Greek seasoning on my hamburgers. I simply sprinkled the meat seasoning on both sides of my hand-pack burger and then threw them on the grill. I would have mixed it in the meat and let it sit for a while but I didn’t have time for that. Anyhow, I think those were the best burgers that I have ever made. I love Seasonings from Salonica!”
    Dave Estes, Athens, OH

  5. “My friend sent me your 4 seasonings as a gift and I can’t stop using them. I think that I’m addicted. I never knew how flavorful my food could be. I use your stuff on everything. Good thing you can order on line ‘cause I’m already running low on 2 of the varieties. The meat favor is my favorite. Thanks for introducing me to Mediterranean Flavors!”

  6. I love the seasonings from Salonica. I have all 4 favors and I use them on most everything. Instead of favoring my foods with 3 or 4 different spices I just use one blend and everything comes out perfectly. I highly recommend your product to anyone that enjoys interesting favors. Thanks
    Linda Thompson

Meat: Beef, Pork, Lamb

Posted March 8, 2011 by admin
For steaks, rub in some olive oil and a generous amount of Seasonings Of Salonica® Meat Blend before grilling…

  • Prep Time :
    10 min
  • Cook Time :
    20 min
  • Ready Time :
    30 min




For steaks, rub in some olive oil and a generous amount of  SpicyGreek® Meat Blend before grilling. It is also great sprinkled on burgers! For pork, combine vegetable oil, lemon juice and plenty of spice in a zip lock bag. Mix thoroughly and let marinate for a couple of hours or overnight. … lemon gives pork a great flavor. For beef roast, brisket or lamb, use the above recipe but substitute red wine for lemon juice.

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