SpicyGreek® was founded in 2008. After 35 years of blending spices for family and friends, it was time to share our secret with everyone. The blends are a combination of recipes passed down through generations of our family and enhancements we have perfected along the way.

Each blend contains ten ingredients that produce bold complex flavors without overpowering your taste buds or the food it is applied to. The fine grind of our blends makes them ideal for seasoning, marinating or rubbing. We have spent years sourcing the finest ingredients we could buy to incorporate into these blends that are All Natural, MSG and Gluten Free. Your favorite dishes will burst with flavor and leave a lasting impression that will surprise your family and delight your guests. Whether it is Poultry or Vegetables, Meat or Seafood, we have a blend that you will love. In Greek we say “OPA” which means celebrate, have fun…..these blends will add some “OPA” to your food!

-Tom Arvan, “The SpicyGreek®