Our latest invention, CarvSmart cutting Boards are finally in some local stores (Dorothy Lane Markets, Jungle Jim’s and Whole Foods) and will soon be available online.

CarvSmart Carving Boards were developed with both the foodservice professional and the “foodie” in mind.  With over 40 years in commercial foodservice, I have experienced and discussed with consumers and chefs, the frustration with messes associated with regular cutting boards, especially when preparing or carving meat, poultry or seafood.  Juices spill over regular cutting boards and onto counters, tables, tablecloths and floors due to the inability to capture these natural juices.

My new creation, CarvSmart Carving Boards, eliminates the mess when preparing or carving your food. CarvSmart’s Patent Pending Juice Retention Technology traps the natural juices from your food and holds them for later use in sauces or gravies or for easy disposal, leaving your tables and counters clean and germ-free. CarvSmart boards are FDA & USDA approved, antimicrobial and moisture-resistant to protect against germs, and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, unlike wooden boards.



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